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My love for photography is eternal. I can't remember the moment as a child when I was first moved by a photograph. But I do remember going through a lot of encyclopedia books, history books, old albums and magazines to just browse through photographs. I found myself going back to the same as an adult as I watched a lot of films. As a professional, I've been shooting travel, people and documentary photography since 2011 .

Please do visit www.barnalikalita.in for my other work.


I was born in the beautiful state of Assam where I grew up amongst simple minded people. I moved to Bangalore where I spent a decade studying business and ended up in a corporate office after acquiring an MBA degree.. and obviously, that was over soon :)   

I moved to Mumbai and spent a few years in the advertising industry where I got many opportunities to interact with creative people. Soon I knew that photography is where my forte lies. I'm probably enjoying the best phase of my life right now, but who knows what's next to come! :)  

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